A health platform that engages and transforms
A health platform that engages and transforms
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Enform Care Management Platform is
  • powerful
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The Enform Care Management Platform enables routine clinician scheduling and patient sharing of vital health information. This exchange yields greater transparency, engagement, and active care plan management. The Platform is calendar event driven and features intuitive navigation and simple user-interfaces designed by clinicians with patients in mind.

Near Real-Time Monitoring using Wireless Biosensors & Assessments

Medication and Appointment Reminders and Tracking

Clinician Personalization and Updating of Patient Care Plans

Clinician Scheduling of Requests for Health Information

Advanced Clinician Alerting

Secure Messaging

Easy to Build Wellness and Satisfaction Assessments

On Demand Clinician Access to Historic Data and Notes

Patient Access to Educational Video Libraries

Secure and HIPPA Compliant


Enform connects patients and health consumers using an app and Bluetooth® enabled FDA approved biosensors. Clinicians and family are connected via web-portal. Enform enables secure sharing of vital health information including biosensor, wellness assessments, medication compliance, and appointments.

In chronic care management, clinicians kick-start the process by personalizing care plans which transform request for information into calendared scheduled events that are pushed to patient.


Enform engages using simple daily event schedules and device alarms that make patients aware when action is needed. Clinicians and family receive alerts when events are missed or results deviate from expectation. These alerts, advanced data reporting and visualization approaches create actionable insights from volumes of health data. These insights result in timely and meaningful engagement.


Enform impacts and transforms when actionable insights and subsequent fact-based dialogue is used to proactively manage care which strengthens bonds between patients, clinicians, family, and institutions.

Enform Wellness Platform is
  • powerful
  • versatile
  • flexible

The Enform Wellness Platform is a convergence point for aging-seniors, family members, caregivers, and medical professionals. The Platform enables seniors and authorized stakeholders to schedule and set reminder alarms for medical appointments, medication times, wellness checks and social events. Information including general well-being status are available to friends, family, and medical professionals from a web portal with an option of receiving alerts.

Medication Reminder and Compliance Tracking

Visit and Appointment Reminders

Wireless Wellness Checks

Activity Levels, Sleep Patterns, Weight, Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen

Customizable Alerts for Family, Friends and Care Team

Secure Messaging and Video

Facility News, Messages and Reminders

Customizable Wellness Assessments

Educational Video Library Access

On-Demand Access to Historic Data

Enform Care Access Platform

Care Access for Remote & Underserved

The Enform Care Access Platform enables collection and dissemination of critical health information for individuals in rural and less traveled locations.

Two key capabilities define this low cost solution. First, the ability to identify and stratify high and at-risk individuals. Second, is the ability for remotely located Clinician review, diagnosis and development of treatment plans that are pushed to secure individual patient accessible records.

Enform Intervention Care Platform

Intervention Prep and Surveillance

The Enform Intervention Care Platform allows systematic optimization of patient communication prior to and following intervention. We subscribe to the notion that sharing content in digestible portions in conjunction with soliciting patient feedback and questions prior to intervention improves outcomes and the patient experience. Following intervention, periodic 2-5 question Assessments can provide the impetus for action that often reduces the risk of relapse, complications or readmission. Enform enables pushing an evolving stream of content that is relevant to the individual’s situation today and into the future. Enform transforms, whether you are focused on mental health, prescription compliance, or surgical interventions.

TeleMed 2020 is committed to working with care providers and partners to transform the delivery of care. Since successful implementations often require customization, TeleMed 2020 welcomes the opportunity to implement your solution on our Platform.
Care Providers & Institutions

The Enform Care Platform was developed by clinicians to manage chronic and at risk populations. Whether it is reduction in Hospital Readmission rates, managing transition of care, improving outcomes for chronic care patients, or managing the Post-Acute continuum of care, we are ready to help implement your solution using our platform.

Business Partners & Consultants

The telehealth and wellness spaces are rapidly evolving. Our platforms are complementary to other emerging and established product and service solutions. We welcome the opportunity to explore synergies with your engagements, implementations, and product offerings. Flexibility and our willingness to partner are core TeleMed 2020 strengths. We actively seek additional resellers.


Remote care management can help your organization improve outcomes, improve satisfaction ratings, and reduce costs for your highest risk members. The TeleMed 2020 Enform platform is ideally suited for integration into wellness and chronic care programs.

Senior Living & Continuum of Care

The Enform platform is ideal for conveying information between seniors, friends, family, care givers, and medical professionals. The platform can flex as needed. It can be used initially as a Wellness Platform engaging seniors by tracking weight and daily activity captured from fitness devices, and expand to a Care Platform when medication management, biosensor, and video based medical visits are desired.

We believe that simplicity is elegant. We understand our role. We deliver powerful compliant platforms that make the complex simple. We view technology as an enabler. Our Platforms engages health consumers and clinicians. Resulting from a continuous flow of data are actionable insights that foster conversations and interventions that transform health, cost, and experience outcomes.